Learn how NMLStream uses AI
to anticipate problems and guide
DevOps to solutions.

Uptime and system performance are critical to a successful digital business. Managing cloud and micro-services based systems is a continuous challenge in an era of growing complexity and rapid change.

Causal Analysis
Automation Tools
Maximize uptime and
DevOps efficiency
Monitoring System
Command and configure
Collect system metrics

AIOps at Scale

NMLStream’s AI solution, called Quadrant, uses AI to anticipate problems and guide users to solutions even in large scale distributed systems. Consequently, Quadrant’s architecture is structured end-to-end to handle this scale. Everything from data ingestion and compute to user interaction support responsive AI interaction for even the most demanding business-critical enterprise applications.

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Performance of NMLStream’s Backward Chaining Algorithm

Quadrant ingests streaming metrics from system infrastructure and uses patented technology called backward chaining to build relationships between key performance indicators (KPIs) and potential causal metrics. For a large dataset of alarms, Quadrant was able to identify causal metrics in over 92% of the alarms. The accuracy of the algorithm improves as the alarm duration increases.

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